Words from the Principal (19)

Morning assembly (2nd February, 2024)

    Good morning, teachers and students.

    Today is the last day of English week, so I’d like to use English for this morning assembly. Chinese New Year is coming, and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Dragon.

    During Spring Festival, we hear a lot of blessings, which are all positive. In Chinese culture, we don’t want to hear negative things during the festival. For example, when someone breaks glasses carelessly, others may say, a broken thing is like a blooming flower, symbolising wealth, honour and prosperity. Surprisingly, this tradition of saying positive things instead of negative things is similar to the finding of a relationship researcher John Gottman. He points out that for every negative feeling or interaction between people, there should be five positive feelings or interactions to make a balance. In doing so, we can maintain a stable and happier relationship. People tend to focus more on negative things than positive things, so we need more positive interactions to compensate the negative feeling.

    Although there may be a debate about the ratio of 5 to 1, it gives us a chance to reflect on how to build a positive relationship. When we interact with classmates or friends, there needs to be a balance of positive and negative interactions. Positive interactions include showing cares and expressing gratitude. One example of negative interactions is criticism.

    The theme of English Week is “Together we grow, together we glow”. The relationship between people will be better if we express more blessings, kindness and gratitude. When we have good connections with others, we will be physically and emotionally healthier. We can grow and glow together, our beloved Rhenishers.

Let’s pray together.

Dear Lord,

        Thank you for giving us classmates, friends and relatives. We pray for a balanced relationship with people. Teach and give us the strength and wisdom to show others more kindness and gratitude at suitable moments.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.