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Student Life Building

Moral and civic education

  • We instil positive values in our students based on the Christian philosophy of education. We teach students to love others as well as they love themselves and get to know God.


  • All S.4 and S.5 students are requested to provide services after taking part in volunteer training sessions. We hope that their confidence can be enhanced and they can learn how to care about others and be encouraged to develop a closer connection with the community.


  • The S.3 school-based curriculum of Life and Society has covered the issues of “one country, two systems”, Basic Law, human rights and rule of law.


  • The following diverse activities are held to cultivate students’ positive moral values and enhance their civic awareness:

– inviting members of the Legislative Council to come and share in assemblies entitled “Caring about Hong Kong”

– organizing a “Civic Education Week”, theme-based exhibitions and current affairs quiz shows

– organizing a Rhenish Forum, excursions outside Hong Kong and mock election to let students learn through experiences

Leadership training

  • We organize leadership training activities for junior form students, so that their perseverance, enthusiasm about serving others and leadership skills will be cultivated, and they can be trained to be servant leaders.


  • Students are given chances to serve and lead others at different posts.


  • Alumni are more than happy to share their experiences and help with the leadership training, inherit the Rhenish culture and build brilliant Rhenishers.


  • The Hong Kong Award for Young People was introduced to students. It was hoped that students’ perseverance and courage to face challenges could be cultivated by encouraging them to meet the requirements of different awards.


  • Our school has become the partner school with HKFYG Leadership Institute and been given chances to enjoy the resources outside school. We can then train students in a holistic approach.


Health and sex education

  • We help students develop their potentials, and develop healthy and wholesome habits.

  • A School Sports Promotion Coordinator has been employed to help students develop healthy habits of doing exercise. New fitness equipment has been purchased for students.


  • To encourage students develop good eating habits, our drinking fountains and filters have been renewed and the service of steaming food has been provided for students.


  • The teenage sex education course entitled No Apologies provided by Religious Education Resource Centre has been adopted to help students develop correct concepts of dating and marriage.


  • Our school social workers provide sex education-related activities or workshops to cater for the needs of S.1-5 students. Students are given opportunities to realize their needs, learn correct knowledge, develop positive and correct attitude towards sex and discuss the issue from different perspectives.


  • Teachers and guests are invited to share and discuss sex-related issues with students in assemblies or on campus TV.


Life education

  • Activities related to positive life education are organized to help students understand the meaning of life, learn to cherish their lives and care about others.


  • Our school has applied for the adoption of the QEF “Wellness for Youth” programme.