Campus Facilities

Our school has 32 standard classrooms, a hall (entitled Ko Shun Hall), and 22 special rooms including Science laboratories, Visual Art Rooms, Computer Rooms, Home Economics Rooms, Music Room, STEM Lab, English Corner, Campus TV Studio and so forth. There is also a spacious playground for activities and recreation. The School Hall, Student Activity Centre, all classrooms and special rooms are air-conditioned, and each special room has been equipped with multimedia teaching aids and equipment. There are 70-inch LED monitors, visualizers, infrared wireless microphones and so on in the classrooms so that students can study in an excellent learning environment. High-speed intranet and wireless communication networks are installed to connect computers and mobile devices in classrooms and other places. To facilitate students' learning, Computer Rooms are open for use during lunchtime and after school. Students can also use their own or the school’s electronic tablets in the classroom at designated times for learning and reading English e-books. Multi-purpose learning areas such as Library, Study Room and rSquare are offered to students to facilitate their collaborative work. The Study Room is open in the evenings and on school holidays, providing an ideal environment for students to do their revision. The students' talents are exhibited by displaying their visual art works on the campus and can be seen on the mosaic murals and in the art galleries. The whole campus is elegantly decorated and it provides a pleasant environment for both the staff and the students.