Objectives & Beliefs


  1. To help students to respect themselves, to be self-disciplined and have a positive attitude
  2. To teach students to respect others and to shoulder responsibilities
  3. To enhance students’ abilities to face changes and challenges, and to develop their autonomy



  1. Caring about students

Teachers care about students by understanding their needs and perspectives, communicating with them, appreciating their abilities and encouraging them. They build a harmonious relationship with students, and share their feelings and expectations with them.


  1. Giving encouragement and compliments

Teachers appreciate students’ efforts, encourage them and motivate them by paying compliments. They also help students develop their potentials and build their self-confidence.


  1. Valuing reflection

Teachers encourage students to do reflection, develop their independent thinking skills and help them build positive values.


  1. Being reasonable and compassionate

Teachers care about students’ feelings and handle issues objectively. They teach students to tell right from wrong, repent of their wrongdoings and be willing to shoulder the consequences of their  wrongdoings.


  1. Respecting differences

Teachers respect students’ individuality and assist them to grow according to their needs and abilities.