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Christian Education


1. Based on the teachings of the Bible, teachers influence students with their own lives and help students build positive attitudes towards their lives.

2. The gospel is preached to students so that they know what the truth is.

3. We change the students’ lives, so that they can be witnesses on the campus and influence other students positively.

A Christian-rich environment

A Christian-rich environment is created by adding spiritual elements to different school activities:

1. Morning service is held every Thursday morning. Teachers share hymns and messages with students and let them understand the truth.

2. Prayer meetings are held on on Friday mornings, so that the needs of the school, teachers and students are brought to Jesus Christ through prayers.

3. Students are taught to give thanks to Jesus Christ and to cast their cares on Him by praying together at morning assemblies and weekly assemblies, and on rTV.

4. There are hymns and prayers in ceremonies and Christian message sharing sessions in services at Christianity-related festivals, so that students get to know more about the meaning of these festivals.

Christian Education

Christian Education is embodied in both the junior and the senior secondary curriculum. Ministry workers of the Chinese Rhenish Church are invited to co-teach with teachers, sharing their beliefs and Biblical knowledge with the students.

Teachers’ Fellowship

Teachers’ lives have a great impact on students’ lives. A staff retreat is held every summer, hoping that all teachers can regain strength before the commencement of a new academic year. Teachers’ Fellowship is held regularly, in which teachers worship, share and pray together, so that they can support each other.

Students’ Fellowship

There are two Students’ Fellowships after school on Fridays. One is for junior forms and the other one is for senior forms. Students are given chances to learn more about Christianity, share with each other and enjoy the fun of Christian fellowship.


1. Training camps are held for the student leaders of the Student Fellowship to enhance their skills of serving and improve their attitude towards serving.

2. Gospel camps or fun camps are held for junior form students.

3. Gospel camps are held for S.6 students. Teachers serve as companions when the S.6 students face lots of challenges ahead of them and give chances to students to reflect on Christian beliefs.

Gospel Week

Gospel Week is held annually. Activities such as testimony sharing sessions, theme-related events, evangelistic meetings and ‘Gospel Concert’ in which teachers share hymns and their testimonies, are held in order to let students learn more about the gospel, hoping that they can open up themselves and convert to Christianity.

Spiritual Partners

Ministry workers of Fanling Church and Taipo Church under Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod take an active role in co-organising and participating in all our religious activities and help nurture our students’ spiritual growth.