Exploring Hong Kong Culture – Short Film Production and Quiz Competition

Our form 4 students have participated in the ‘Exploring Hong Kong Culture – Short Video Clips Production and Quiz Competition’ organized by the Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe and the Open Knowledge Association. In the first round of voting, they won the 1st runner-up.

The students chose the topic of dumpling-making skills. They wrapped dumplings and presented the differences between northern and southern dumplings through posters. Hoping to introduce how the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong is closely related to our daily life, they also showcased modern diversified dumplings through the short video clips.

Participating students:
4B Liu Chun Shing, 4B Mai Rui Xi, 4B Wong Ho Ming, 4B Guo Tsz Huen, 4B Wu Yeung Huen, 4C Chan Cora

Filming students:
4B Li Yin Hang

Congratulations to the above award-winning students!