The Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP)

A total of 18 students from our school successfully received the silver award in HKAYP and attended the award ceremony. Mok Siu Wai from Class 4C was invited to share his experiences with the guests. The students went through challenging outdoor training and received recognition from teachers in the areas of physical fitness, skills, and service. The list of award winners is as follows:

5A Siu Junyuan Wally, Chan Lok Sze, Li Wang Yan, Wong Man Hei, Hu Peng Zhi
5B Hui Man Hin, Cheung Wai Man
5C Chak Uen Kei
5D Yip Chun Him, Sin Yu Tung
5E Yeung Hing Chung
4A Du Yeung
4B Li Ka Yu, Li Xiangyi, Ng Pui Yuk, Wong Lai Nga
4C Li Ka Wai, Mok Siu Wai