Congratulations to our Junior English Debate Team on winning two decisive debate matches in Term 1

We are pleased to tell you that our S.2 debaters have won two decisive debate matches in Term 1 and are now qualified to enter the 21/22 Term 1 Trophy Match! Over 50 teams competed to enter the Trophy Match. Li Ching Yan Colette from 2B has also received the Best Speaker Award for this match.  These three debaters have had amazing breakthroughs in their speaking performances!


2B 08 Li Yin Hang Hanry

2D 11 Wan Kin Sau Tony

2B 24 Li Ching Yan Colette (Best Speaker Award)



2B 20 Chan Tsz Ching Chloe

5A 24 Liang Wai Yi Candy

5B 07 Liu Yui Ting Barry


We really hope that our English Debate Team can polish their skills and achieve victory in the coming matches.